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Step-On Tours
Tour some of Lansing’s most notable neighborhoods in the comfort of your own bus.  Learn about the founding of Lansing, see what it looks like today and where it is headed in the future.  This tour includes Downtown Lansing, Reo Town, Moore’s River, Potter Park Zoo, Lansing’s Eastside, and Old Town. 

More Step-On tour routes
will be coming in the future!

New for 2019 Cemetary Tours

​Most tours are one to two hours.  Cemetary tours for bus groups can be arranged upon request.

Our newest tour offering, tours of Lansing cemetaries,  will be ready in time for Spring walks.  
With the help of the Friends of Lansing's Historic Cemeteries information about our most permanent residents is available any time you areready.

  1. MSU - North Tier
    MSU - North Tier
    Get to know 2 bike routes between campus and Chandler Crossings.
  2. Lansing Highlights
    Lansing Highlights
    Start in Downtown and go south to see some of the city's oldest parks and then north to Old Town.
  3. MSU to Downtown
    MSU to Downtown
    Start at Sparty and ride the trails into Lansing one way and back to campus another way.
  4. Lansing Parks Tour
    Lansing Parks Tour
    Seven parks great and small are included on this tour of Lansing greenery.

The Wine & Spirits Tour

Park your car and leave the driving to us. Take a luxury limo ride to 6 of the area's wineries and distilleries.  
Enjoy a product tasting at every stop. Lunch and snacks will be provided as well.

Walking Tours

~ Riverwalk Tour ~
 Old Town to  Downtown 

North Capitol Avenue Tour

The past meets the future on this 6 block stroll from Durant Park to the Capitol Building.  Several photo op stops and a bathroom break make this a tour for those who are completely at leisure. Lansing's  'downtown food court' is a short walk from the end of the tour.
This tour starts in the historic Old Town neighborhood and ambles along the riverwalk to the Lansing City Market.  Ecletic shopping is to be had at both ends of this tour with lots of whimsy and photo ops in between.

Downtown Photo Op Tour

Cherry Hill Homes Tour

This tour goes directly to some of the best spots for skyline and river view pictures in the downtown area.  Not for history buffs or the faint of heart, there is stair climbing and faster paced walking to get to the hottest spots asap.
This tour takes a look at one of the smallest neighborhoods with the most Victorian and Crafstman residential structures in Lansing.  The shortest of the walking tours, it may take longer to take it all in.

The Malcolm X Tour
​May 19, 2018

This tour will go to several of the places Malcolm X was during his 10 years in the Lansing and Mason area.  We will also stop for a photo op at the corner of Malcolm X St. and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.  Refreshments will be included.